Centro Components & Accessories

1- Neon acrylic post caps.

2- 950 mm Vertical beam straight with 1 run of steel tape.

3- 950 mm Vertical beam straight with 2 run of steel tape.

4- 750 mm Horizontal beam straight with 1 run of steel tape.

5- 750 mm Horizontal beam(curved) 1 run of steel tape.

6- 1000 mm Centro 8 way posts.

7- Centro base.

8- Adjustment foot for uneven floor.

9- 200 mm connector bar with 4 grub screws.


10- 200 mm connector bar 4 grub screws and a threaded hole to accomodate adjustable foot.

11- Spacer bar including 2 expanding clamp.

12- Expading clamp.





1- Podium Desk Set

Ergonomically-designed neon acrylic. Available in blue, green and red or standart frost. Contemporary design to enhance visual impact of modular display system.


2- LCD Connector

Simple design and uncomplicated assembly with tool supplied. Screen size up to 22" can be fitted to the bracket.


3- Laptop Shelf

Lightweight robust shelf finished in silver. Supplied with ecpanding bracket and fixing tool. 400 mm x 280 mm


4- Spot Light

50 watt silver spotlight. 220 volt, flexible head design. Plastic peg style fastener. European plug and on-off switch.


5- Brochure Holder - NEON

Available in blue, green and red or standard frost. Thermoformed one piece acrylic to maximise strength. Smple hook over style fitting.


6- Brochure Holder - STEEL

Powder coated steel A4 portrait brochure holder. Available in grey finish, perfect match with aluminium. Fitted to the Centro system post with connector bars (included in box).


7- Centro Trolley Bag

Compact and durable. Wheeled base. Overall size 560 mm x 1330 mm x 270 mm


8- Centro Graphic Bag

Hard bag to protect your graphics.



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